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Aromatherapy For Children

Aromatherapy For Kids


I’ve a passionate perception that we are able to change the best way individuals suppose by educating our youngsters on aromatherapy – they’re the adults of tomorrow. As an alternative of instructing kids to achieve for a chemical capsule when their head hurts, why not have them ask for some lavender and peppermint? If they’re indignant or upset, absolutely it’s a good factor to burn some oils to assist with their emotional therapeutic.

When kids are taught at a younger age, they develop up with the view already part of their inherent nature. This, then, might be handed on to future generations.

When mixing pure essential oils for kids, the next dosages ought to apply:

In 15ml service oil or base cream, add:
0-2 yr previous, 1-2 drops
3-12 yr previous, as much as 4 drops

A service oil is one thing similar to almond oil or grapeseed oil that carries the essential oils into the pores and skin. A base cream is an unscented, ideally non-toxic plain cream that the oils might be combined in.

As a result of kids ought to have decrease dosages than adults, it may be simpler to combine bigger portions of the essential oils into a mix and retailer them in a darkish bottle in a cool cabinet. As an illustration, if you happen to needed a combination that will assist a toddler sleep, you might combine lavender, frankincense and mandarin. Should you combined 12 drops of mandarin, 7 drops of lavender and 5 drops of frankincense right into a bottle, that is then referred to as a mix.

You may then use the mix to place both 1-2 drops for a younger youngster, or as much as 4 drops for a kid who’s older into the bottom or service and apply (or you might add the essential oils to an electrical burner).

I want to stress to adults, that pure essential oils are therapeutic by nature, and are usually not simply “good smelly little oils” in bottles. They’re therapeutic and work synergistically on all ranges – bodily, emotional and psychological to assist harmonize the physique, thoughts and spirit.

Kids shouldn’t be left alone with the bottles of oils – particularly if they’ll undo the lids. While pure essential oils are very protected if used correctly and as meant, they will also be given dangerous publicity if misused – and that isn’t the fault of the oil.

Because of the therapeutic nature of oils utilized in aromatherapy, in case your kids have any pre-existing situations similar to epilepsy or diabetes or another sicknesses and you are not certain about utilizing essential oils, it’s most essential that you simply seek the advice of with a certified skilled who can assist you.

I stay up for the day that individuals attain for pure pure essential oils that work synergistically inside their physique as a substitute of poisonous drugs and potions, and educate their kids to do the identical.


Supply by Donna Chisholm

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