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Caring For Your New African Gray Parrot


The Congo and the Timneh are the 2 foremost sub-species of the African Gray parrot.

The Congo is an even bigger chook with a lighter color with a darkish beak and a crimson tail. On common they weigh round 400 to 650 grams and are about 12 to 14 inches lengthy from tail to beak.

The Timneh are smaller birds and darker in coloring with a horn colored higher beak and a maroon tail. They weigh between 275 and 400 grams and measure about 9 to 11 inches from tail to beak.

Since both species have a possible lifetime of over 50 years, this can be a lifelong dedication and may by no means be taken calmly. On the whole both might dwell wherever between 25 to 50 years. It’s rumored that the Timneh is just not as nervous because the Congo, nonetheless, they each share a number of the identical traits.

African Greys are extraordinarily clever and are very demanding pets. You could put together your self for giving them a superb little bit of psychological and social stimulation. At instances this can be difficult since a Gray usually has the emotional wants of a two yr outdated and the intelligence of a 5 yr outdated.

By their very nature, Greys are terribly nervous birds which might be offered when uncovered to one thing new or strangers. Continuous socialization is what they want. Greys are usually a one individual chook. Nonetheless, this may be overcome when all of the members of your loved ones take the time to develop a profitable household chook.

As a way to get the chook accustom to strangers and alter start whereas it’s younger. This may also assist to remove the status to biting which is a by product of the dearth of socialization. There isn’t any have to push your self on the chook, take the time to be taught its physique language and when you need to again away. Converse to the chook gently and in a relaxed and calm tone. Quickly it’ll reply to you. Remember that these birds have extraordinarily highly effective beaks and when agitated may cause a painful chunk.

Eating regimen:

The African Gray requires a wholesome nutritious weight-reduction plan. That is important to the happiness and total effectively being of your pet. Issues akin to biting, hyperactivity, steady molting and feather plucking are indicators of a poor weight-reduction plan.

Probably the most frequent issues is a deficiency of calcium. That is preventable fairly simply by providing the chook calcium and vitamin wealthy meals akin to:

– Darkish leafy greens akin to, cabbage, kale and spinach.

– Useful fat akin to almonds and palm nuts.

– Contemporary vegetables and fruit are important day by day.

– High quality seed or pellets day by day are mandatory and you can also make a combination of each of those.

It is rather essential that your Gray has a weight-reduction plan that’s of excellent high quality and different. Typically, you Gray would require 40 p.c seed and 60 p.c fruit and greens. Yow will discover a extra detailed weight-reduction plan record by visiting our web site.


The matter of selecting any sort of cage is private, though there are restrictions of cash and house. So long as the bar spacing isn’t any bigger than about an inch, the larger the cage the higher.

Some issues to think about earlier than making a chook cage buy:

Spherical cages don’t consequence positively. It will possibly result in the chook affected by issues of psychological orientation. You desire a cage that’s principally manufactured from horizontal bars. Your Gray will take pleasure in climbing round in its cage. Nonetheless, vertical bars do prohibit the birds means to do that. We suggest that you just Gray have a 36x24x60 or 92x61x153 in dimension.

When house is a destructive problem you should buy a cage with a play high for these instances the chook is out of its cage. Place the cage in a room in the home that’s vigorous so it might probably take pleasure in spending time with the household and interacting with them. Don’t place your cage in overly vivid home windows or in draughts.

You possibly can maintain the chook and stimulated by including numerous forms of toys to its cage after which transfer them round every so often. They like to chew and when they’re completed chewing they chew a bit extra!

You possibly can maintain your chook wholesome and comfortable by offering numerous forms of perches of various supplies and dimensions akin to pure wooden and cord. A sandy or cement perch will assist maintain its nails trimmed. Whenever you present numerous thicknesses of perches you possibly can assist maintain the birds toes exercised.

African Greys are extraordinarily affectionate and constant after you achieve its belief. This chook will love you for the remainder of its life. They’re nice at mimicking and are nice talkers. Some homeowners say they’re one of the best talkers on this planet. They often develop over a 2000 phrase vocabulary and may mimic things like canines barking, doorbells and telephones ringing. African greys have the emotional wants of a 2 yr outdated and the intelligence of a 4 yr outdated, this exhibits they are often demanding pets.

They do exceptionally effectively at stringing phrases collectively. Nonetheless, African Greys should not for simply anybody. Whenever you buy a child from a breeder you need to make certain it was raised in a family state of affairs much like your personal.

Greys are fantastic so long as you fulfill their wants and present them respect. With the correct remedy and care, one can find that you’ve got a ravishing feathery member of your loved ones for all of the years to return.


Supply by Amanda Isbitt

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