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Entrance Yard Koi Pond – No Fence – No Predators


Legally construct your individual predator-free, 3 foot deep “Fence-less Koi Pond”TM in your entrance yard.

Most cities have constructing codes or ordinances prohibiting the development of ponds or fountains deeper than 18 inches in a entrance yard with out the safety of a 6 foot perimeter fence. Many have the identical restrictions for a aspect or again yard.

The apparent cause is to guard in opposition to unintended drowning. Nevertheless, a shallow pond makes it unimaginable to have koi fish or turtles, since each of the aquatic creatures require at the very least three ft of water to forestall changing into lunch for raccoons, cranes, egrets, trolls and gnomes. These evil-doers can simply wade in 18 inch of water, however cannot in 3 ft of water; plus you’ll be able to create caves for them to cover in. Turtles will usually not keep in a pond if they don’t really feel protected whereas basking within the solar, which all turtles require. They do not really feel protected whereas uncovered on the shore so that they search for a log, lilies, protruding rocks or islands of any kind. That method, within the occasion of hazard they’ll retreat to the deep water and caves in any course.

With this new engineered design I got here up with in 1984, it solves each drawback. You may legally skirt the constructing code for depth requirement, the koi can be protected from predators and the turtles can be protected, too — and tickled pink! All proper already, I am attending to it!

The excellent news for you liner guys — this design works with liner development nevertheless remember the is a really sturdy chance of an eventual cave-in from the burden of the grid lined with rocks. You must make the assist ledges a minimal of 12 inches to higher assist and distribute the burden

Now for you “professionals” LOL that use bolstered concrete (used within the development of the Hoover Dam) — in comparison with liners, it’s mainly everlasting and can be loved by the good nice nice grandchildren. These instructions will tackle rebar and concrete development. Neatest thing is, any do it yourselfer can work with 3/8 rebar and concrete.

I’ll cowl the final design and performance of a “Fence-less Koi Pond”TM however not approach.

First resolve the size, width and depth of the pond. Since it’s bolstered concrete, not like liner development, it may be as deep as you need! The width is the important measurement, since you’ll be spanning the pond with 1/2 inch epoxy-coated rebar with width and size grid, then inserting rock on the grid. Whether it is over a 5 foot span, you have to a 4-6 inch column to supply assist within the heart. Create a 4 inch ledge 18 inches down from the sting of the pond to assist the rebar grid. As you’ve got now realized, as soon as the pond is stuffed, and rock 9 inches or bigger are positioned on the grid, leaving each third grid open for escaping fish, turtles or frogs, you now have a authorized 18 inch deep pond.

You’ll incorporate two 8 inch anti-vortex suction drains (the identical drains utilized in a swimming pool) within the ground of the pond, Twin anti-vortex drains by no means plug and can by no means suck up a fish, frog or turtle, solely suspended particulate like fish doodoo. Consequently, you’ll hardly ever have a have to entry the decrease pond. The skimmer and AquaFill water leveler are situated above the grid and simply accessed. Set up the quietest, most power environment friendly centrifugal pump available on the market, e.g. a Sequence pump (3 12 months guarantee). Use an Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II bio-filter with a ultraviolet mild for algae and pathogen management.

The epoxy-coated grid

  • makes the pond authorized
  • protects pond life from predators
  • gives a platform and assist for a turtle island
  • gives a spot for potted water vegetation of each variety- from papyrus and cattails to water iris and lilies, candy flag, taro, pickerel, parrot feather and so on.

That is the primary time 28 years that I’ve printed the design of my “Fence-less Koi Pond”TM. Bear in mind the place you heard it first, and cross it on.


Supply by Douglas Hoover

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