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Hydroponic Sytems Part 2 - Nutrient Film Technique NFT

Hydroponic Sytems Half 2 – Nutrient Movie Method NFT


This method might be probably the most easiest of any hydroponic system. It doesn’t contain the usage of timers to modify pumps on and off. The seeds must be propagated first in a separate tray till they’ve a adequate root base to be positioned within the system.

How does it work?

The gear consists of lengthy shallow trays which include a protracted lid protecting the system enclosed. There are lower outs within the lid which is the place the vegetation are positioned. The plant sits in a plastic pot with slits to permit the roots to develop by them. They appear to be a smaller model of the interior pot utilized in flood and drain techniques.

The trays are positioned above a water tank and a pump linked at one finish to pump water into the trays. There needs to be a great gradient within the trays in order that the water flows down the tray and again into the water tank. Usually the gradients used are 1:30 or 1:40 this stops water pooling within the depressions brought on by uneven surfaces and roots. The thought is that the roots of the vegetation are repeatedly bathed in a nutrient wealthy water provide and produce wholesome, linear rising vegetation.

The identify nutrient movie is in reference to the skinny movie of roots that can finally kind on the underside of the tray. It must be a really shallow stream of water with solely the bottom of the roots submerged; this enables the remainder of the basis to be open to the air and get the mandatory oxygen required for development.

The techniques come in numerous lengths which may maintain completely different numbers of vegetation. Primarily you’ll be able to have any size of NFT system, nonetheless the longer the system the extra likelihood that circulate is perhaps interrupted. Techniques longer than 12 metres are inclined to get much less development in vegetation in direction of the top because of the vitamins within the water being taken up by the vegetation nearer to the reservoir. Nevertheless this drawback will be overcome by establishing one other water provide alongside the size of the channel.


I’ve talked about a few points with NFT techniques akin to pooling of water and nutrient discount within the water in lengthy system set ups. Nevertheless there are a pair extra.

Pump Breakdown

As NFT techniques solely require a small, shallow water supply the pumps used aren’t very highly effective. They’re additionally on the entire time which means that they get quite a lot of motion over the course of the develop. This coupled with doable salt precipitation from the dissolved vitamins (particularly in laborious water areas) implies that in some unspecified time in the future the pump is prone to break down. In the event you can catch this rapidly then other than the price of a brand new pump, there isn’t a actual drawback to the vegetation. Nevertheless if this goes unnoticed it implies that the roots will dry out in a short time and it will have an effect on development.


The plant roots are consistently submerged in water and this could result in bacterial infections akin to pythuim. Pythuim is best often called root rot and might decimate your crops if it’s not detected early. There are merchandise available on the market that may eradicate this if you’re unfortunate sufficient to get it, however the easiest way is prevention. This may be achieved by altering the water reservoir periodically and including preventative components to the nutrient resolution.


Heavy fruit yielding vegetation can develop into unstable in an NFT system. That is because of the roots rising lengthy and flat and never having any quite a lot of buy. This causes the plant to develop into high heavy they usually fall out of the trays – not very best! This may be overcome by supporting the vegetation by utilizing yo-yos, string or canes. It will give some stability to the plant and permit it to proceed rising and bearing fruit with out toppling over.


Even with the issues talked about above these techniques are a good way to exhibit the usage of hydroponics. They’re an in-expensive system and nice to make use of as an introduction to rising your individual produce at residence.


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