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Important Fatty Acids for Parrots


Chances are you’ll be listening to extra discuss today about “Important Fatty Acids” (E.F.A.s) and our birds want for them within the food plan. (That phrase “important” is the giveaway, proper?”) So, what are they and how you can we provide them?

All of us hear loads about “good” fats and “dangerous” fats – principally, the dangerous stuff comes from animal sources, is saturated, and exhausting on arteries and levels of cholesterol, whereas the great things comes from plant sources, is unsaturated, truly GOOD for cardiovascular well being and lowers ldl cholesterol. Properly, Important Fatty Acids are the most effective of the nice!

So, let’s get technical for a minute – fat (chemically often called lipids) are probably the most concentrated supply of power discovered within the food plan. I will not go into the classification of fat right here, however solely cowl the Important Fatty Acids that wd are involved with our parrots in the intervening time.

Principally, fatty acids differ in saturation and chain size. “Important” fatty acids are these not synthesized by the physique, so should be provided, subsequently, by the food plan. There are three – Linoleic, Linolenic, and Arachidonic (are you board but?).

As a result of these should be fed, they’re “Important” – for development, for the well being of nerves, arteries, blood, for visible operate, and suppleness of the pores and skin and wholesome feathers. The “Queen” of those are the Omega 3 Fatty Acids (linolenic) plentiful in flax seed oil and fish. Omega 6 acids (linoleic) are essential for transportation and processing ldl cholesterol and are present in corn, safflower, and soybeans. Each Omega 3 and 6 must be provided, of which the most effective mixed supply is canola oil. Mixtures of flax seed oil with the opposite oils helps maintain a stability of the Omegas for good well being. Arachidonic acid is synthesized by linoleic acid when fed within the food plan.

African Greys have been discovered to have a better want for E.F.A.s than different species and I at all times suggest supplementing their food plan with flax seed oil 3 or 4 occasions every week. Molting and feather plucking additionally improve the necessity, as does breeding and elevating infants. Macaws even have a better want for fats and I like to recommend blended nuts 3 to 4 a day that are excessive in unsaturated fat and truly decrease the saturated fats within the physique. Vitamin E is required for E.F.A.s to be absorbed and nuts present the correct stability. Extra sources of E.F.A.s are many seeds and legumes (together with peanuts).

It’s price noting that oils can develop into rancid in a short time when uncovered to air, warmth and lightweight. All oils must be refrigerated after opening. Freezing or refrigerating earlier than opening may also assist prolong the shelf life.

At all times verify nuts and seeds for freshness, and study peanuts for aflatoxins (toss any that look moldy or in any other case suspicious).

Watch the fats consumption for Amazons, Budgies, Cockatiels or any obese birds, however make sure to embrace some E.F.A.s repeatedly for ALL birds – simply use moderation if want be. Higher feathering, immunity, and general well being and vitality would be the payoff for together with these very important vitamins within the each day food plan.


Supply by Marilu Anderson

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