Is Your Yorkshire Terrier Obsessed?


Yorkshire Terriers are cute little terriers that may be just a bit “quirky”. Attempting to find out if the Yorkie is simply “being a Yorkie” or is obsessed could be comparatively easy, and nicely… enjoyable! That loopy, quirky habits may be attributable to critical medical issues. Listed below are some ideas that can assist you perceive Yorkie habits.

Recognized Yorkie behaviors embody digging or scratching on the floor or flooring. It is a frequent Yorkie habits. Though if might look obsessive, a Yorkie is a member of the terrier household and was bred to hunt rats. When a Yorkie is digging on the flooring, he’s merely following his instincts and in search of a rat… or no matter else he thinks is down there.

Licking the whole lot in sight, from his personal paws to the furnishings to you is sufficient to drive a sane Yorkie canine proprietor loopy. This Yorkie habits can stem from one thing so simple as dry itchy pores and skin or unhealthy tooth. Yorkies are recognized to have dental issues, even when they’re younger. Good dental care is essential for Yorkies.

Turning into overly excited to the purpose of hyperventilating, even shaking is a standard Yorkie habits. The Yorkie is thought to be the most individuals oriented breed and does not like being alone. This habits may very well be simply from being carried away or from a critical situation known as “collapsing trachea”. Collapsing trachea occurs if the airway (trachea) flattens out; this will block the airway and trigger hyperventilation. The dearth of oxygen from collapsing trachea could cause shaking and hyperventilation. Your Yorkie must be checked by a vet if these signs proceed or last more than a couple of minutes. Calm the canine earlier than the muscle spasms of the airway develop into worse.

Barking and yapping continually is attributed to Yorkies, however that is solely unhealthy habits and never particular to the Yorkie. Some Yorkie house owners reward this unhealthy habits unknowingly by choosing up the canine when it barks. The canine thinks being picked up is a reward, very like a canine deal with. Merely practice your Yorkie with one phrase, both “No!’ or “Quiet!” and the yapping stops.

Obsessive Yorkie behaviors are primarily based in worry. Attacking the vacuum cleaner or broom is a standard obsession. Since a Yorkie is often seven kilos or much less, the Yorkie is keenly conscious of huge objects in his territory. We people do not assist this behavior- as a result of chances are high we are going to chase the Yorkie with the broom or vacuum, as a result of it truly is humorous. Sadly, we’re simply reinforcing unhealthy habits.

Circling the realm the place meals is served to him is an obsessive habits. That is very true in case your Yorkie was the runt of the litter, as he is in all probability needed to combat for his fair proportion of meals. You’ll be able to assist your Yorkie recover from this worry by giving him his canine treats at his meals bowl. He’ll quickly study to affiliate the meals bowl with a reward as a substitute of a combat.

Doing something repeatedly for unknown causes could be frequent within the Yorkie. For instance, a Yorkie might refuse to stroll in a sure space all of a sudden, after strolling there for months. The Yorkie might all of a sudden begin hiding when its time for meals. Attempt to determine what may very well be bothering him so you possibly can take away the article of his obsession. For those who can not determine it out, attempt to ignore the obsessive habits and it’ll in all probability change to a brand new obsession in a short while.


* Carry canine treats in your pocket to reward good habits

* Bear in mind a Yorkie is excessive spirited and quirky – count on and luxuriate in his quirkiness

* In case your Yorkie has hassle respiration or swallowing, take him to a vet instantly; it may very well be life threatening for him

* In case your Yorkie seems confused or weak, take him to a vet instantly; these are indicators of lack of oxygen to the mind


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