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To Soar Upon Mighty Wings


… He was operating. He ran and ran till he thought his coronary heart would explode alongside along with his burning lungs. The air felt prefer it was on hearth with each gasp for oxygen.

The darkish dank and urine smelling streets supplied no sanctuary. The footfalls of his pursuers weren’t far behind. They did not blow whistles however yelled backwards and forwards to one another. Their clicking, clanking, jingling of steel, wooden, and plastic made their distinctive noises because the chase unfolded. “Head him off down the again alley Roger! I will minimize him on the different finish!”

Working and operating some extra, he knew not the place he was or the place to run subsequent. The darkened alley allowed for some cowl and safety. A doorway guided an entrance to a rotted and damaged stairway planks. They led upward. Up and farther up, he climbed. The chasing hazard was far behind by now. They may not discover him. He was standing atop the bombed-out constructing wanting down upon them. Them who’re adorned in blue and black apparel with shiny and glowing ornaments hooked up; some had been silver and a few had been golden coloured. The gold ones had been hooked up to beltline of on a regular basis clothes whereas the silver or tin was hooked up to the assigned blue coloured pockets of the pursuer’s chests.

Gazing over the sting of the roof, he noticed them angrily and frantically looking out. They had been looking out however afraid to enter and climb the rotting moldy stairs of the darkish and foreboding bombed-out constructing. His worry inspired him to climb these stairs and step out onto the twelve story roof.

Over the sting, the ledge yielded a nest of yellowish-beige coloured orbs. The rounded issues had been massive in dimension but smaller than a basketball. He dealt with the eggs with tender care, for they felt heat and welcoming to the touch. He felt the necessity to maintain them shut, to guard them. He did not know why.

Wrapping the three tenderly and thoroughly within his heavy winter coat, he began for the steps downward; heading house. One thing, somebody positioned an unwelcomed, sudden hand upon his left shoulder. Startled, he tried to dash for the doorway resulting in the down stairway. The hand morphed right into a grip after which one other.

The nice and powerful gripping saved him from leaving; from shifting; from going house.

“The place are you going with them eggs boy?” stated a wierd and menacing voice. With out turning to see who was questioning him together with the highly effective restraining, he replied, “I am going house to maintain these infants!”

“Infants?” the voice queried. “These usually are not infants! They is our breakfast!”

An influence came visiting him. An influence he didn’t acknowledge gave him the braveness and the arrogance to defy his would-be usurpers.

Earlier than he had realized there have been 4 assailants, the imaginative and prescient of them flying backward and being caught by the blacktop stuffed his each waking sight. They lay bleeding, bent, and damaged. The fourth was flung from the roof and resting lifeless within the refuse dumpster down beneath. The ‘Inexperienced-Beret’ martial arts coaching appeared to work all by itself in deadly protection of him and his newly discovered infants.

The eagles grew over time. They’d by no means flown nor had an inkling or need to take action. The pure God given power and wonder subliminally frequently urged them to go away the sanctity of the yard coup. They had been lovely and highly effective younger egrets. The sky beckoned – freedom beckoned; the wind referred to as loudly.

The opposite fowl of hen, parrot, finch, pigeon, and ‘Tweety,’ puzzled who and how much chicken the three had been. They didn’t know what they had been. All they knew was the love, caring, and respect shared and reciprocated herein. They had been brothers and sisters. They took care of each other. They protected each other. The small ones may get out and in of small crevices in retrieval of meals and unreachable needs for the bigger ones who couldn’t. The canine, wolf, fox, and another menace, enemy, or predator dared not enterprise into their peaceable and loving domicile, least whereas their three bigger than life brothers stood about. “They saved us all secure – the whole lot and everybody remained apprehensive or aloof if just for their opulent stature.”

The three eagles did just about what the opposite did round the home. However one thing informed them they had been destined for one thing extra.

A big shadow crossed their forehead whereas out within the daytime. They regarded up and noticed a powerful sight. “What a sight to behold?” shouted one of many three eagle brothers. “What’s it?” requested the others. “It appears to be like like us!”

“How will you inform?” requested one of many members of the family. “It is so excessive up and much away, I can hardly see it!” exclaimed the hen.

“We are able to see it plainly, as if it was standing proper subsequent to us!” stated one of many sharp eyed eagle brothers. The person stated, “He’s of your form, my kids. He such as you, is majestic… he’s an Eagle!” he stated with satisfaction and a broad smile on his face. “You’re destined to soar as he does. He, such as you, is the ‘King of The Sky – The King of Birds! I’ve raised you right here to guard you and maintain you secure from hurt – right this moment is the day that you need to journey the clouds and reply the decision.”

The person started to undo the sky-screen holding them enclosed within the yard space with the opposite fowl of the yard. The three brothers started to stretch and flap their eight-foot lengthy wings. They started to emulate the king chicken above.

“Oh This Feels Nice – It Feels Magnificent – Oh What Energy We Really feel – It is Merely Superb! Brother, We knew We Have been Extra Than Yard-birds! We Knew There Was One thing Extra To Us Than Meets The Eye – We Knew That We Have been Not Hen, Parrot, Finch, Pigeon, or Tweety – We Knew We Have been/Are Eagles; Kings Of The Sky!”

A loud explosion sounded because the fence subsequent to the wall of the home shattered into toothpicks. The cages and coups all fell over, permitting the sick and wounded fowl to wince, cry, yelp, scream, and squawk in ache, agony, and panic. The wardens and troopers charged, crashed, and stomped throughout and thru – within the identify of search, seizure, rescue, arrest, and destroy.

“We all know you’ve got bought a pot-farm in right here! You are a dope dealing slime! We all know you robbed the neighborhood Micky-D’s, gasoline station, donut shack, grocery store, and ‘Driving Whereas Black!’ You’ve got killed a person and assaulted his mates! You are below arrest!”

They punched, kicked, and pushed the person who tried to show the opposite cheek. He couldn’t.

The eagles had been fast to the protection. The Recreation Wardens and Troopers had been severely startled by the ‘larger-than-life’ avenging fowl. The primary eagle flapped his large wings and created a wind funnel with the ability of an “F-3” twister. Blowing a number of of the marauders, flinging them backward and out onto the road. The second eagle grabbed two intruders, one in every claw; and with little to no effort, flapped its mighty wings and flew excessive above the encompassing buildings and homes. The captive prey screamed to the highest of their lungs as if being flipped and frightened by the very best and strongest monster rollercoaster on the planet. Hovering excessive and quick, the mighty chicken took a nostril dive and like a bombardier, dropped the 2 full grown males into the town’s rain water reservoir which was 4 and a half miles away, over on thirty third Avenue. The third eagle stood along with his eight and a half foot wingspan outstretched. The augmented stance tremendously intimidated the remaining marauders. They reached for Nets, Tasers, Weapons, Batons, and different out there weapons of assault.

The eagle flashed his massive brilliant and keenly sharp eyes. The worry of God overcame them. Two of them, noticeably, dirty the fronts of their pants whereas frozen with fright. The others of their worry and hatred continued the tried rampage.

The person leaped into motion. Three marauders the place drop-kicked backwards out into the road, whereas one other with a gun in hand, was flipped over the fitting shoulder of the person and body-slammed on the cement floor. The sound of damaged pottery and human bones stuffed the quick air. The opposite blissful and wholesome yard-birds joined in on the mêlée in protection of their valuable and beloved abode. All of them managed to drive the intruders again and out into the road close to their automobiles.

The information media found, reported, and filmed the warrantless assault on the person and his mates. The entire accusations had been confirmed to be with out benefit and the costs had been unfounded. The unreasonable assault and accusation was plotted and hatched by a corrupted evil member of the pressure who was reported for abusive techniques and harassment on a number of events for his indiscretions and blatant disregard for policing protocols in his private vendetta and terroristic practices in opposition to these whom he regarded and believed to be undesirable and beneath him. His truncated reviews have precipitated an undue rift between the accountable authoritative group and the group at massive. The surreptitious deed was put to proper with the resistance to injustice and bitter rancour.

The Eagles, who had been raised with Chickens, soared on Mighty Wings of Reality and Justice with Superb Satisfaction alongside their fellow Sky-King – The Man was Free and Ran Away No Extra.

Til Subsequent Time…



Supply by Gregory V. Boulware

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