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Totally different Sorts of Parrots – Their Distinctive Traits


There are 330 various kinds of parrots and although they could have a number of traits in frequent with each other, understanding the distinctive variations between the varied varieties of parrots might simply assist you to to resolve what specie or which type of parrot is likely to be essentially the most appropriate for you.

The primary varieties of parrots are labeled underneath the next:

o Amazons

o Cockatoos

o Grey Parrots

o Macaws

o Conures

o Parakeets

o Lovebirds

o Cockatiels

o Budgerigars

Amazon Parrots

o medium to pretty giant sized birds

o primarily inexperienced in shade with patches of crimson, yellow and blue on their wings, tail and head

o posses very loud voices and infrequently discuss within the firm of strangers

o older male Amazons (over 3 years outdated) will be aggressive, particularly the hawk-headed parrots


o most are large in comparison with Amazons

o very clever and very delicate and nervous birds

o possess erectile crests that may raised and lowered at will

o look cute and cuddly

o adults can inflict very painful bites if not educated correctly

o demand fixed consideration and could also be tough for most individuals to take care

African & Timneh Grey Parrots

o generally medium to giant sized pet parrots

o two varieties of grey parrots, the Timneh Grey and the African Grey (or Congo Grey)

o very delicate however extraordinarily clever birds

o Timneh Grays have nice skills to imitate big selection of sounds together with human speech

o quiet within the presence of strangers

o hand-reared parrots are very liable to feather plucking

o will be very loud however not often a noise nuisance


o thought of the most important parrots

o smaller ones, like Hahn’s and yellow-collared, are noisy however make superb pets

o energetic, inquisitive and infrequently mischievous

o chatty and in a position to be taught to speak

o highly effective beaks that may harm furnishings and crash nuts

o giant ones might require extra aviary house as a substitute of a cage

o not so appropriate for residence with younger youngsters


o originate from South Africa

o pretty small however usually energetic and assured

o vivid orange and yellow solar conure, Patagonian and blue-crowned conures have loud piercing voices

o very curious however entertaining

o in a position to discuss however posses squeaky voices when utilizing human speech

o joyful to sleep in roosting containers positioned contained in the cage

o often called ‘nippy’ birds as they’re liable to chunk very readily


o “Parakeet” is loosely used to cowl a variety of smaller parrotlike birds

o most come from Australia or Asia

o they’re leafy-green coloured, ground-feeders spending most of their time on the cage flooring

o in contrast to most parrots, they aren’t noisy in any respect

o energetic and extremely social creatures, dwelling in giant flocks and stored in aviary

o very unbiased and so don’t bond very effectively with human

o reply very effectively to coaching however poor mimic of human speech


o smallest of all parrots, concerning the dimension of a sparrow

o primarily inexperienced in shade and fairly simple to maintain in cages

o want loads of time to fly round (outdoors their cages)

o bond effectively with people

o voices will be loud at instances however they aren’t noisy birds

Eclectus Parrots

o medium to giant sized pet parrots

o women and men have completely different plumage

o males have vivid leaf-green with crimson and blue patches on their flanks and wings, whereas females have vivid crimson with patches of purple or blue on their flanks and wings

o physique feathers are extraordinarily high quality with lovely colours

o eat a eating regimen of fruits, flowers, buds and a few seeds

o don’t adapt effectively as indoor companion birds

o adults will be each noisy and aggressive

o liable to self-plucking behaviors


o small and energetic, short-tailed parrots originate from Africa

o finest stored in pairs as they don’t normally bond with people as most different parrots do

o posses shrill voices and may make calls at quantity

o don’t copy human speech

o usually stored in aviary reasonably than companion birds

Cockatiels & Budgies

o commonest parrotlike birds and each come from Australia

o pure shade of budgies is vivid inexperienced with high quality scalelike sample of black and white markings above however these days, they arrive in nice number of colours as a result of selective breeding in captivity over generations

o budgies should not tough to maintain however require a number of time with its keeper if stored alone

o able to speaking and studying many phrases and phrases in small, squeaky voices

o very energetic and busy birds

o cockatiels are bigger birds and so they make pet

o pure shade of cockatiels is grey with white on the wings and yellow-orange patches on the pinnacle

o in a position to be taught to speak however with loud, harsh voices

o very energetic and busy birds

o will be taught to obey some requests and instructions

I hope you discover these easy tips about various kinds of parrots and a few of their distinctive variations helpful.


Supply by Wilfred Tan

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