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Waterproofing Basements With Thick Film Coatings (Application Techniques)

Waterproofing Basements With Thick Movie Coatings (Utility Methods)


Bituminous trowel utilized thick movie coatings are extremely popular and dependable merchandise, used broadly in a lot of Europe for exterior waterproofing of basement areas. The merchandise are utilized by trowel in 2 thick, waterproofing and crack bridging layers. The merchandise originated in and are nonetheless primarily produced in Germany. They arrive below the realm of the German waterproofing customary Din 18195. These sort of merchandise have gotten more and more standard within the UK, primarily as a result of their reliability and ease of software.

Thick Movie Coatings could be utilized by specialist spray tools or by trowel. For many basement tanking initiatives within the UK trowel software is the favoured methodology. The contractor can perform the waterproofing work with out heavy funding in tools or having to have interaction one other specialist contractor.

The trowel software of the thick movie waterproofing is normally carried out in two layers. Nevertheless the best way by which the 2 layers are utilized is topic to some disagreement between totally different contractors.

Some contractors are utilizing the standard Technique, whereby a notched trowel is used to distribute the thick movie waterproofing over the substrate. This notched profile is then instantly smoothed off utilizing the flat facet of the identical trowel. As soon as this primary coat has firmed, the second coat is utilized in the identical means; a notched trowel to distribute the fabric on the appropriate thickness then a flat trowel to easy. The steps taken are as follows:-

First Coat utilized at 6mm with notched trowel.

First Coat smoothed all the way down to 3mm with flat facet of trowel.

Second Coat utilized at 6mm with notched trowel.

Second Coat smoothed all the way down to 3mm with flat facet of trowel, complete utilized thickness 6mm, with two separate waterproofing layers.

The choice method favoured by some contractors is what I name the open method. This differs from the custom in that the primary coat just isn’t smoothed down, however left to treatment as a notched end giving 50% floor protection at 6mm thick. As soon as the first coat has hardened the second coat is utilized with a flat trowel, infilling the gaps within the 1st coat. The steps taken are as follows:-

First Coat utilized at 6mm with notched trowel.

First Coat left to treatment (substrate continues to be open).

Second Coat utilized with a flat trowel to infill gaps in first coat.

Second Coat dries to present a complete utilized thickness of 6mm.

With the intention to decide which is the popular method, it’s merely a matter of going again to the fundamental ideas of waterproofing. It’s a basic precept of most waterproofing methods that it’s higher to have 2 coats of a fabric than one. Most often one coat would theoretically be sufficient to attain a waterproofed construction. Nevertheless there’s at all times a risk of imperfections within the concrete or within the software of the waterproofing that may result in small misses or pinholes. The second coat is there to ensure that a complete seal is achieved below web site situations. With cautious software the probabilities of a pinhole occurring at precisely the identical place in two consecutive layers of waterproofing are distant.

With the standard trowel software of thick movie sealants we obtain two separate and full waterproofing layers. With the open method the potential for voids forming between the first and 2nd layers is elevated. There may be additionally fairly a excessive risk of the second layer not totally filling the depth of the primary layer, leaving pockets within the coating.

The opposite side to think about is curing time and rain threat. It’s my expertise that the first coat in each strategies will take about the identical period of time to treatment. Though the open method has a thicker layer which might usually be slower to treatment, it is usually open on the sides which ends up in a better floor space which can pace up the treatment, so these two factors thought of collectively cancel one another out.

The place there could be extra of an issue is that if it rains between the primary and second coat, significantly on a horizontal software sloped to falls. Most Bituminous thick movie coatings will resist a light rain bathe (not standing water) after a few hours curing. Within the case of the standard methodology, so long as the deck is effectively drained the rain will go over the part-cured coating with no sick impact, water can’t penetrate the concrete. With the open method, rainwater can nonetheless penetrate the concrete, probably getting in beneath the partially cured coating resulting in lowered bond and slowed ultimate treatment. Additionally it is possible that the open notches will retain water to a larger extent than the standard methodology. This can’t be prevented until all of the notches run in the direction of the falls.

For the above causes I firmly imagine that the standard methodology represents finest follow. It has been used for a few years in Germany and has actual benefits over the open method which solely has the benefit of being barely faster to use. For additional data or recommendation please go to our web site by clicking on the next hyperlink: Basement Waterproofing


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