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Why the Kea Parrot Makes For a Good Companion Fowl


The Kea parrot is among the many only a few members of the species that dwell in lofty mountains, notably in New Zealand. However this doesn’t imply they don’t seem to be appropriate as companion birds. This sort of parrot can really regulate to any setting. Whereas they’ve been identified to dwell in windy and chilly situations, wild Keas typically fly off to low mendacity forests and grasslands. They’ll even be seen wandering off the coastlines. It’s throughout the summer season months that Keas return to forested highlands that may go as excessive as 1,900 meters in elevation. They are often discovered principally in burrows, riverbanks, and even in locations which have loads of giant tree roots.

A Kea parrot can eat nearly something that you could throw at its mouth. They’re identified omnivores. Typical weight-reduction plan for this parrot consists of plant leaves, flowers, roots, fruits and seeds. They undoubtedly love berries, however they’ll additionally gobble up worms and bugs. Keas additionally eat rubbish and lifeless and rotting flesh. They was hunted for bounty as a result of they attacked livestock, particularly sheep. In zoos and as pets, Keas might be fed with the standard parrot mixes, nuts, fruits, and greens. You may as well put in eggs, dwell worms, and even canine biscuits as particular treats. If the local weather in your space is extraordinarily completely different from the pure setting of Keas, don’t forget to provide your pet some nutritional vitamins and different dietary supplements to maintain it wholesome.

Within the wild, a Kea parrot is estimated to have a lifespan of 15 years. However in zoos, many Keas have lived for greater than 20 years. This will solely imply that Keas might be your companion parrot for a very long time. Taking a more in-depth have a look at the bodily options of this fowl, you will notice that Keas are primed for survival. For one, their feathers are thick and might present ample safety in opposition to harsh environmental situations. Subsequent, they’ve lengthy and bony beaks that enable it to succeed in into or pry open tough meals sources. They even have sharp claws that enable them to root out underground meals similar to worms.

On high of its survival instincts, the Kea parrot additionally oozes with inquisitiveness and intelligence. Consultants have been fascinated by this parrot’s robust curiosity in newly discovered gadgets. Keas have additionally been noticed to use a hard and fast social construction, the place every member of the group (referred to as a pandemonium) cooperates to find meals. Actually, all these traits make Keas a few of the greatest companion parrots to look after.


Supply by Gideon Williams

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